PLEASE! I'm begging every single one of you to read this!

Do you think your fat?- if u think your fat then DONT!! U ARE NOT FAT!! Ok u are not! don't u dare even make me change my mind. U are sooo beautiful. Ok u aren't fat!! No one on this earth is fat!! I mean, to me, the word "fat" is a made up word, THERE'S NO SUCH THING!!! Don't even get me started ok u. Are. Not. Fat. U are wonderful! Don't think u want a model body cuz models don't eat. They eat tissues which is NOT good for u! U are NOT fat! Don't even think that u are.

Do u think your ugly and not loved by anyone?- U ARE BEAUTIFUL!! The word "ugly" shouldn't even exist!! In fact- from now on "ugly" doesn't exist. you are the most STUNNING person EVER!! Please please don't think otherwise. U ARE loved. Everyone is loved. Everyone deserves to be loved and they are. There is someone out there for all of u. If u haven't found that someone yet, trust me, they'll come to u cuz u are AMAZING!

Do u self harm? (Do u cut?)-STOP IT!! I'm telling u seriously here. DONT DO IT PLEASE!!! I'm literally begging u to stop!! I know times are hard but EVERY SINGLE PERSON deserves to live there life pain free. Whatever the reason is u cut, please oh please stop. I have faith in u. I love u, ok, just please, listen to me.

Are u thinking of committing suicide?- don't u even think of it!!! U DESERVE TO LIVE!! (If u believe in Jesus then-) Jesus literally sacrificed his whole life just so we could live our lives. Life deserves someone to live it, and that someone is u. LIVE YOUR LIFE AS A GREAT ANDVENTURE! FOGET ABOUT PEOPLE WHO GIVE U TROUBLE, HAVE FUN!!! LIVE LAUGH AND LOVE!

if u think your just simply not worth it?- u are worth over a billion stars, over a billion laughs, over a billion tons of gold, u are worth everything! U make my day even if u don't know me, that's no excuse for me not to say u make my day. It's true, u do.

I have faith in u all. U are treasure, Don't u EVER EVER EVER think otherwise. Don't EVER let anyone break your sole. U make my life complete. Without u, I wouldn't even be here right now telling u this. U are simply amazing.
Asked Dec 29, 2013
thank you. I love you.
Answered Dec 29, 2013
That's ok :) I love u too <3
I just have u rep points... I dont know how many cuz I'm new to this, I just pressed the up button and I pressed the tick button
You made me feel so much better. ;)
<3 <3 <3
Answered Jan 03, 2014
I appreciate this greatly. I wish I could upvote more then once.
Answered Feb 26, 2014
I appreciate this too, you really made my day, thank you so much <3, a lot of times I am always thinking that I am fat and nobody cares about me. you are a wonderful human being and thank you again for posting this :)
Answered Feb 26, 2014
I wish I could meet you and give you a hug

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