PLEASE HELP! I'm in pain! Plz plz plz

The other day I was cutting my toenails cuz I bought a pair of shoes and they were too long and would eventually wear a hole in the shoes. Anyway so I cut them like I usually. But on my left foot on my big toe I accidentally cut the side on the far side to my other toes. So it was on my left foot, the big toe on the right edge of my nail. It hurts so much every time I walk on it. I've done it before though. I know it's not infected. I've just cut the edge of the nail too short. I would normally just out antiseptic on it and just rest it but tomorrow I'm going surfing and since when U go surfing u have to have your feet flat when u stand up, but I can't do that without it aching. And when I push up to stand up on the board, I can't push up properly cuz of my toe. Is there any way I can make it heal by tomorrow? It's the afternoon here where I am. I have antiseptic... I have band-aids too... I have aloe Vera gel... Umm any home remedies too heal it??
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Asked Dec 29, 2013
Edited Dec 29, 2013
Try putting something cold on it and it should feel better by tomorrow. Also, soaking in the warm tub will help.
Answered Dec 29, 2013

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