as you might know im a fourteen year old and am really interested in trading. Ive tried out plus500 and couldn't surpass 30 grand. is there anyone who is professional trader or does trading that could help me? I really want to be good at it since my friend has lik over 200 grand. hes so good at trading I mean we started off at the same time and he has promised me to teach me.
having said tat we both have similar dreams...TO be hedge fund managers but I really need tips or adivice or really anything.
if you are an expert or has done trading and you feel that you could offer me help please feel free to get in contact with me.
tell me if you have any of the below:
yahoo etc....
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Anonymous User
Asked Dec 28, 2013
Trading I know has allure as a fast money system, but will eventually leave you broke.
The demo trading is DESIGNED to be easy, so as to fool you into investing. Think about it. Where does all this money come from? I'll tell you. The pockets of the 96% of traders that lose money. Are you telling me you are better than 96% of the population at analytics, because that is what it comes down to. I've lost more thanĀ£1,000 in the stock market. Just remember this, if help is so easy to find, why are there so many losers
Answered Dec 28, 2013
I appreciate your answer but trading is like puzzle. once you figure out you can make millions. althought its not the profit that derives me or gets me going its the puzzle. you said you've lost a grand but you have to accept your losses as well. thank you for replying though, I appreciate it
anon99 Dec 29, 2013
to your last point help is not easy to find that's why im suspicious of my friend, hes making well over 300 grand. he decided to help me now he said he changed his mind. idk why.
anon99 Dec 29, 2013
Yes, I do. Online trading is becoming very popular these days and its lucrative also. For more details regarding online trading you can visit
Answered Mar 08, 2014
Hi, if you are really interested in trading and want to learn you can try are Free EA Strategies that automate best technical analysis for you at the click of a button.Using free EA strategies,you get the power of successful strategies that will trade for you without fatigue and without emotions 24 hours a day.All you have to do is select the strategy that you like and the instrument that you trade,rest all is taken care by our software for you.
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Answered Jun 24, 2014
Creating a demo-account using one of the trading platforms from this forex broker rating might be helpful:
It takes some time to learn the essentials, but then you can start real trading.
Answered Apr 22, 2020

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