Third eye madness Please help me, i'm scared as fuck

So basically, I just watched a video of walking dead, and there was some "alpha waves" included in this episode, I searched it on youtube and found something out about a "third eye" I did not know what this was before, and I listened to this wierd alpha waves going on for like ... 1 minute max, and I turned it off because I didn't like it ands it was wierd. And it felt abit wierd too, I then read more about this eye, and it said that some of the symthomps that it was opened was that you could feel a strong pulse between your eyes, I felt some really weak and distance vibration in my forhead (hehehe) and that people could see purple and all colored dots when you close your eyes, and if you did see purple dots your eye was activated. I can't see no purple dots and. Do you think my "third eye" is activated because of that 1 min vibration in my headset? Oh and, I started thinking alot about this, so that might've been one of the reasons because of the thing in my forhead:

EXTRA QUESTION: What do you see when you close your eyes? I see black and like some sort of static thing (or whatever you call it) no shapes or whatever sypmthoms. Sorry for the long post and gramatical fails .. lol i'm scared so i'm sort of shaking. I don't want non of this shit.
Asked Dec 26, 2013
If I focus on the area between my eyes, I get a tingly feeling. I've managed to focus so hard on it before that it started to feel hot and hurt. I don't think it's a condition, I think anyone can do it. Like if you carry on telling yourself your head is itchy, you'll start to scratch it.

When I close my eyes I see black with little green repeating patterns changing shape. You can get large purple dots as a result of retina burn but I don't think any of this stuff means that you can access your Third Eye ;)
Answered Dec 27, 2013

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