Can a 12 year old girl date a 15 year old guy?

I like this guy and hes 15 and he likes me but his friend says hes too old for me is he?
Asked Dec 22, 2013
No way. Go for it girl. Age doesn't matter in love! If you like him and he likes you then I don't see a problem. Xx
Answered Dec 22, 2013
Correct, age doesn't matter.
NoneYa Jan 02, 2014
he is too old for you. you're 12 you shouldn't be dating anyway, especially a 15 year old guy who will probably only pressure you to go far further sexually than even a 15 year old should, much less a 12 year old
Answered Dec 22, 2013
Is okay coz there is only 3 year difference but you need to be a teenager first you can date like after being 13 u have to wait only 1 year
Answered Dec 22, 2013
my boyfriend doesn't pressure me into anything. My boyfriend is 15 and I am 12, we've been dating for a long while now and I think you should go for it. All you guys think just because teen boys tend to me horny that they'll pressure for sex or something
Answered Dec 26, 2014
Thats up to them two and maybe their parents only. I like a 15yr old and would date him if didn't have a bf
Answered Dec 05, 2021
Secretgirl no just no

You can't date him
Answered Dec 22, 2013
He's to old he will pressure into things you don't want to you should wait till your alot! Older.
Answered Dec 22, 2013
Wow ok I have seen this question pop up a few times and I looked at it and saw these variety of answers. Why are u asking random people u don't know?? We don't know your life, we don't know what's going on in your brain. If ur parents are ok with it then I don't see why not, it all depends on the guy, and you and his maturity level. Don't get us to make your decisions, do whatever u feel u need to do. After all, it's YOUR life, not ours
Answered Jan 02, 2014
Edited Jan 02, 2014
Yeah it's fine! My friend told my mum the guy I liked was 15 (when he wasn't. He's 13/14) and my mum said "So what? There's nothing wrong with that" so it's fine. If you like him and he likes you that's fine because love comes with no restrictions! Just do it! Because if your 20 and he's 23 who cares because that's fine! People won't care then if you put it in that perspective.
Answered Dec 24, 2013
the maturity difference both physically and mentally is very different when comparing 12 and 15 to 20 and 23. that is why the latter works, while the former doesn't

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