I dont have a car and my boyfriend gets mad

im 21 and I dont have a car due to money issues full time student etc etc....and my boyfriend gets upset that I dont have a car I know its annoying to always have to drive but he doesnt understand my situation at the moment I tell him to give me a year but I just feel like a burden now I try talking to him about it and he will still give me the same response and obviously I dont want to break up with him but he just makes me feel shitty for things I am not able to control at the moment. am I being over dramatic or does he have the right to be this upset :S
Asked Dec 22, 2013
He is a jerk for being mad at you for things that you cant control. If he truly loved you he wouldn't be making you feel bad, he would try to help you with your problems. My advice, leave him. But if you still want to be with him, id suggest asking him for help the next time he brings it up, if he refuses, and you still want to be with him after that, tell him how he makes you feel and that he is hurting your feelings, if he loves you he will understand, if he is still a jerk, dump him. If he wants you after the break up he will come crawling back to you saying sorry, if he doesn't there are 2,320,644,660 single people in the world.
Answered Dec 27, 2013
Why can't he get a car?
Answered Dec 27, 2013

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