I hate my life truly!

So, im a girl, and today, my brother thinks that is is funny to let me freeze in the shower, thats what he did. I get out of the shower and im shivering so much it was like I was just went outside into snow naked. and everyone at school wonders why im so happy to be there. well, why I am is TO GET AWAY FROM MY LIFE THAT I HATE. I do not need any pitty, but I do need some help on what to do. a few months ago, I tried to kill my self. im thinking about it again... help me to see the brighter light to my life. please. I will kill my self... I want to any way... :'(
i do have friends that help me, but doesnt all the time help.
so im turning to you guys.


~shinc the hedgehog~
Asked Dec 18, 2013
Learn to love yourself. Your gonna be in your body and your life u have now for a long time. U can't swap bodies and swap lives with someone u think is "better" than u. Forget about your brother. Stuff him. He's just an immature brat to my eyes. Live your life to its fullest potential and forget about everyone that makes your like hell. Stuff them, they don't get your life. U have to forget about the misery and people who make your life miserable and sorround yourself with people who make u laugh so hard u forget about the bad and focus solely on the good. Life is wayyy too short to be anything but happy. Don't kill yourself ok? U are better than that, u deserve to live your life as long as u can.
Answered Jan 02, 2014
i agree... #o#t#e#, im your bff... and if this is how you live your life...i know you know that im all ways there for you. oh, ps, this is ##ber.... ill talk to you later kk?

Answered Jan 11, 2014

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