Bad people

How do you stop public gossip from church leaders and those within the community? I have experienced this the past 6 1/2 years while searching for work. I haven't done anything but they have and have decided to spread bad word against me not only at several churches, at stores, gym, library, professional organizations, through the school district, local university etc. It is shameful what they have done and not only this but to prevent someone from working. Additionally there has been breakins by these professional people, most of whom were former friends, and others of those whom I knew socially or business contacts (approximately 100 total people) who this year have broken into my place and have assaulted me including being striped, kidnapped, electrocuted, spiritually assaulted by some of these church leaders as well as other assaults. I have reported this crime to the police and have recorded pages of documentation. I tried contacting lawyers and getting help but haven't seen anything done. To make things even more unbelievable, some of them even sent me a Christmas card and they moved in one of the main troublemaker leaders downstairs from me who says hateful things and has also threatened me when he broke in with some others. Furthermore, the next neighbor has been tampering with my phone, internet, and alarm system and will tell me through the wall what they have done coming in while not home, or have seen or overheard. I have changed the locks many times and cannot move. Management here is no help and has been involved. These are educated people who are really sick and are abusive. Advice...please help.
Asked Dec 15, 2013

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