How do I know if I am having a panic attack

I don't know if I am having a panic attack or not but my heart rate raise and sometimes I can't breath it fells like I just run like 20 thousand miles and it goes away sometimes but I have to get out of the room and get a drink just to make it go away is this a panic attack
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Asked Dec 14, 2013
I would suggest 'yes' you are. It is perfectly normal to have fear- its our bodies response to warn us of danger, however some of us get a heightened sense of fear-even in situations other people don't think is anything to worry about. It does not mean you're crazy or 'losing it', it just means that something has happened to us at some point in time in our present or even past lives and when we are confronted by the same or similar situation our brains go into 'overload' mode, and it is all we can do to not turn around and run!! Leaving the room, getting a drink, taking a few deep breaths, etc are the quickest ways to overcome the attack, if it is a situation that you have to face often, then try natural remedies-eg-I use "tranquil calm max made by caruso's natural health products". Some people have have great results using hypnotherapy, or if all else fails, see your GP who can prescribe anti-anxiety meds such as valium or something. Most importantly, don't allow the fact that you're panicking "do your head in" as it will only increase the feeling, just take a deep breath, tell yourself that its ok, you are not in danger (as long as you really aren't!!) that its ok to feel how you are feeling, and that the feeling will pass. Don't ever be afraid to talk to someone about your feelings-GP, friends, family, counsellor etc. try for free online anxiety treatment (according to the ad at top of page!!!) :-) Good luck!!
Answered Jan 15, 2014

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