I am 11 years old, should I kiss my boyfriend?

I am 11 years old, and I have a boyfriend who's in my grade. First, he liked me and it was about 1 year ago when my friend told me that he had a crush on me. And I started having crush on him about 6 months ago. At the end of the year last year, we started kind of hugging and dating together. This year, we are kind of busy, so we haven't dated a lot, but we started to hug each other. I don't have any idea if we should kiss or not.
Asked Dec 13, 2013
Well I think if you're both ready to kiss then you should, I'm 11 and I kissed my boyfriend. If I was you I'd ask him first and if he says yes then go ahead and do it but of he says no you should leave it until he is ready! :)
Answered Dec 14, 2013
SatoR Dec 14, 2013
I'm 17 and I wish I would have kissed my boyfriend when I was that age but I waited and regretted it and still do, so go for what you want to do.
Answered Dec 19, 2013
Go for your dreams and who you are.
Answered Dec 27, 2013
I am 11 to. My boyfriend is also in my grade. Go for it. If something feels weird stop. Don't go to far. Take your chance. I slow danced with my boyfriend at a school dance. We were both nervous at first but afterward it was amasing. You should slow dance with him first. All I wanted to do after the dance was kiss him. I didn't take my chance but you should.
Answered Dec 30, 2013
Kiss,don't snog,your 11
Answered Dec 30, 2013
I'm fourteen. I'm glad to help with your boy probz even though I don't like them...lol. I say, if you feel you are both ready for that, sure! (: Like the above answers, don't take it too far. Kids who are eleven and twelve I've heard are even having sex now...that makes me sick to my stomach. Stay abstinent. Until you are AT LEAST eighteen. But yeah, if ya wanna kiss that's totally okay. I wish youa happy relationship with this guy! (:
Answered Dec 30, 2013
I'm 10 and Single, bu tPersonally I say Why not? It's just a kiss, as long as you don't take it too far it's perfectly fine.
Answered Dec 15, 2013
why not...?
Answered Dec 30, 2013
Answered Dec 30, 2013
I think you should, but think about it before you do that. I would save my first kiss for when I am a teenager
Answered Jan 01, 2014
Yea I think if you guys are ready, then you should :)
Answered Jan 02, 2014
Why not? Live life. I wouldn't go farther than kissing, though...
Answered Jan 14, 2014
Ofcourse baeeeee lol im 11 I kindof act like a mom sometimes but bae go for it if it feels riht
Answered Mar 31, 2020

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