How can I get my wife's green card quick?

I don't know if anyone can help me with this. I am a US citizen born in the US with a wife in El Salvador. We got married in El Salvador and had a baby together. Our son is already a US citizen because of me. I am trying to get my wife her US residence papers. We have been in the process for over one year now. What happened was that I was living in El Salvador with my wife and son and my parents became the sponsors for my wife visa because I had never worked in the US prior. I had no taxes to show. My parents make a combined income of over $130,000 a year so our immigration lawyer said that they could be the sponsors and it didn't matter that I had never worked. My parents were responsible for my wife financially. I remained in El Salvador with my wife after her immigration process began. We sent in all the necessary documents that the US immigration asked for. 10 months after the process stared we were notified that my wife had the interview for her visa a few weeks down the line. We thought that it meant she would get the visa that day of the interview because we met all the qualifications. We had advanced already to this point. On the day of my wife's interview she is told at the US embassy in El Salvador that she needs more documents because since I(her husband) has been living outside of the United States for almost two years it seemed that I was not established in the US and I was going to stay permanently in El Salvador. They said that they needed more proof that I was going to be established in the United States. We sent in more documents such as a job letter from an employer in the US offering to higher me, apartment contracts, bank stuff and a lease of my parents mortgage with my name on it as well as other documents as well. A few weeks after we sent this in we received news from the US embassy that they still were not satisfied and needed more proof that I was in the United States. They told my wife that in these immigration cases the partner petitioning for the partner in the other country is always in the US so they suggested that I go back to the US and bring her from there so I had no option but to leave my wife and one year old son in El Salvador while I returned to the US to establish myself as they said. I have been in the US for four weeks now and have opened bank account, I have my name on my parents mortgage because I am also an owner of this apartment and I am employed. The embassy said that I didn't even have to work. I at least had to show that I was looking for work. I am sending the documents to the US embassy in El Salvador very soon and I am wondering if this will be enough. The US embassy is holding on to my wife's visa and says that they will return it when she receives her visa and the stamp permitting her to travel to the US is in her passport. They asked for these documents that I listed above. Do you think that this will be enough? I appreciate any help. I miss my wife and son and want them with me soon.
Asked Dec 13, 2013

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