I'm a girl and I think I love another girl

okey so I'm 16 and I met this girl this year and... how do I start ? okey the first time I meet her was in the first day of shool I remember that she looks at me and she smiles but then she start to talk me and I give her my number then we talk for hours and hours, and she all the time (I count 3 times she ask me that) if I have boyfriend and why I don't have one,she likes to hold my hand (and is really cute), and she likes the way I hug her from behind and she moves really (reallyy) close to me and once she twerk me xD but the other time she grab my butt and I was like omg what the hell ? so Is kinda weird... pleasee someone tell me if this is a normal frienship or she likes me because I think I love her... Sorry for my english i'm from latin america.
Asked Dec 11, 2013
Edited Dec 11, 2013
Just ask her start a harmless game of truth or dare and when you feel up to it ask her if she likes other girls if she's days yes tell her you like her if no then you know but it sounds like she really likes you good luck :)
Answered Dec 11, 2013
Love is a strong word- This is a crush. I agree- Truth or dare helps EVERYONE :D
Answered Dec 20, 2013

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