What do girls mean when they say to a boy " You look hot do you workout?"

It was a hot day and I had my shirt off at a bus stop.
Asked Dec 10, 2013
Edited May 21, 2014
They think you look hot...they could have a crush on you but if they seem like the girly, ditsy type of girl, they may be simply remarking that youre cute/have a nice body.
Answered Dec 12, 2013
Lol :D well I'm happy for you !

They mean that you're sexy and have a nice body.
Answered May 27, 2014
That's just a girl flirting on you
Answered Jan 12, 2015
they like you and probably expecting you to compliment them back.. and trying to get you to like them back.
Answered Jan 21, 2015
the muscle us girls like muscle not jerks
Answered Jul 16, 2017
They mean they like your body.
Answered Jul 28, 2017

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