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Could I Be A Masochist? My Best Friend Slapped Me The Other Day And I Really Liked It.. It Was Something New.. A New Feeling And I Liked It A lot My Brother Said She Left A Red Hand Mark On My Face But It Didn't Hurt At All… And She Also Liked The Feeling Of Slapping Me Cause She Likes To See Others In Pain And Loves Putting Others In Pain And The Other Day My Brother Got "Maaaad..." At Me And Kicked Me On The Back And Stood On My Head And My Friend Just Watched And Liked It….. And When I Feel Like Crap I Degrade Myself I Feel A lot Better…

*Exactly How I Felt When My Friend Slapped Me..*
I Really Liked It And It Was Like A Spark And Ive Never Been Slapped Before Only By Her My Brothers Slaps Are Weak And Pathetic He Also Spongebob Laughs And Kicked Me Repeatly And It Felt Like Spa Day But To Be Honest It Just Felt Good And Being Slapped Is Like Eating Your Favorite Icecream Or Running Somebody Over For A Sadist…. Thats How It Felt…

Could I Be A Masochist?
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Anonymous User
Asked Dec 07, 2013
Edited Dec 08, 2013
If this is what you love to do and want to wake up every day of your life doing go for it! You can do whatever you put your mind too. Good luck!
Answered Dec 08, 2013
So Do You Think I Might Be One?
Answered Dec 08, 2013
possible...very possible
if your getting "aroused" signs point to maybe yes
Answered Dec 16, 2013

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