I really like my best friends boyfriend and im a guy

Okay... I've known of him since starting high school so about 5 year's and I never really made contact with him until the end of the summer holidays when him and my best friend (girl a) starting showing interest in each other and first I was like yeah that's cool so our friend group added him and that was fine. But then we started college and because by then girl a was basically going out with him we gained a mutual friendship, in high school he was unbelievably cocky and I found him rather annoying. But like I was saying with girl a I tell her everything so she was one of the first people I came out to and she's very accepting and all that blah blah. So by this point in the story girl a and him are dating which was also cool, and I know he thinks I'm even gay or bi I'm not really sure she must of told him something, and again hes really cool with it also. So it was after a month or two were we became close very quickly, as we share the same free periods so we are almost always near each other. Then we started talking a lot and then it kind of hit me. I really like him so that's been in the back of my mind. He is a very nice guy and maybe a little feminine and has always been called gay or bi but he protests he isn't.
At college we are always touching arms and stuff and cuddling loads (he is an amazing hugger and I love hugging him) and at parties we share a cheeky kiss on the lips a few times until he swans off with girl a and they do stuff together. He tells me he isn't slightly attracted to guys and I know he would tell me other wise. By this point she is suspecting that he's bi and it very weary of me. At the last party she walked in on our heads very close to each other and it would look like we were about to kiss but be weren't.

He's very attractive and is very touchy feely with me in public but I know its a joke but he doesn't understand that I really like him. When I'm there with girl a and him he acts very differently around me like we aren't even that close of friends its a little hurtful but I understand that he doesn't want to break up with her.

Text wise and snapchat wise he send me joking pictures of his body (very nice ;) ) and he's said "I love you so much" but as in friends way and I always so I love you more and he says it back and sometime the conversation turns jokingly dirty but really I kind of enjoy it.

So anyway I haven't been able to tell many other of my close friends because they will think I'm being stupid so I guess any advice would be lovely to hear right now

(I'm not out of the closet yet) ( I'm British so not high school as in American)

I believe he may have slight gay feelings but I know he would never admit it because he either is telling the truth or he doesn't want to hurt his girlfriend?
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Anonymous User
Asked Dec 06, 2013
If your gay that's fine..don't flaunt it about like a fag. :-))
Answered Dec 06, 2013
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