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Question 28

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To what competitive force did the printed encyclopedia industry succumb?
Select one:
a. low cost of entry
b. positioning and rivalry among competitors
c. substitute products or services
d. customer's bargaining power

Question 29

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Offshore outsourcing is being driven by the potential to reduce costs through labour arbitrage and the increasing availability of skilled resources in low-cost, offshore locations.
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Question 30

Which of the following best describes how new information systems result in legal grey areas?
Select one:
a. They work with networked, electronic data, which are more difficult to control than information stored manually.
b. They are created from sets of logical and technological rules rather than social or organizational mores.
c. They are implemented by technicians rather than managers.
d. They result in new situations that are not covered by old laws.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Dec 04, 2013
Edited Dec 04, 2013
28. c
29. true
30. a
Answered Dec 05, 2013

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