Is it possible I am pregnant? are these syptoms explained early pregnancy? please answer need hep

Between 28th-31st october cant remember but was between those dates on 17 november I started to bleed wasnt much was noticeable only when I wipe that night I had unprotected sex the next morning went to the toliet the blood has disappeared and stil hasnt come back on and the following wednesday had sex again unprotected since then I have been feeling really tired worn out got no energy I had to ring in work because felt so ill not like me I never ring in sick also keeping going to sleep at weird times like 5 in afternoon til 9 a feel really sick was sick few times got a sickly feeling hanging around me even when I eat still there I have mild cramps got weird feeling in my stomach my boobs and stomach look swollen is it possible am pregnant
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Anonymous User
Asked Dec 04, 2013
Answered Dec 04, 2013

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