Cover idea's for a book im writing?

The book is called Snow in July and this is the summary:

After Hazel Cooper's run in with Excessive Alcohol and abusive relationships,She forever changed her life and the ones around her. Now 17 years later,Her children suffer in the life hazel has surrounded them in. Forever caught in the line of Booze,Sex and abuse,Her daughters Tessa and Aria struggle to make sense of the cruel world around them.

The story is basically flip flopping around the point of few of 17 year old Aria and 15 year old tessa,Both girls struggle with depression. Aria deals with drinking and smoking. Tessa deals with self harm and is abused by her father.

All together its a sad story. Its written very much like Ellen hopkin's books if that helps.

What would be a good book cover? I was considering something to do with alcohol bottles or something. your input would be appreciated :)
Asked Dec 03, 2013
Two girls (not showing faces; showing the feet up to the neck) holding hands and one is shorter so the 15 year old and 17 year old would be taller. In the free hand the abused girl should hold a knife and scars on her wrist and the drunk girl should have a broken wine bottle or beer bottle. -shrimp
Answered Feb 11, 2014
A picture of a girl laying on the floor with a bottle of wine spread on the floor. Spilled and the girl is unconscious
Answered Dec 03, 2013
Two girls one one a little shorter then the other with the heads bent down and there hair tangled and covering there faces wearing dirty cloths with a cigarette pack on the ground and have one with burn holes in the shirt and the other carrying a beer bottle with a hand print wrapped around her arm and have them standing in front of a dark black burned tree and have one flower wilted in front of them .
Answered Mar 09, 2014

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