How to get my parents to lay off and let me be?

So I am 20 (so I'm a legal adult) and in college and my parents haven't done it in a while because I've been away at school but they like to ask for my phone and look through it to see what me and my friends talk about. I have a boyfriend. I do stay with him sometimes but my parents don't know that but I'm scared they'll find out but I'm gonna pay them back for my schooling so I don't see it as a problem like I said I'm 20 and should be allowed to live my life. I don't sext or have the ability to send or receive pictures. All we really talk about are normal day to day things. My parents are hard to talk to. Basically it's their way or the high way. How do I get them to see my side of things without ruining our relationship and without getting angry? When I get a job I'm going to start paying for my phone. That will be in like 2-3 months
Asked Dec 02, 2013
I think it's normal to stay with a boyfriend just reassure them you are a legal adult and you are paying them back I mean when your a kid it's okay to look through phones but as an adult I mean that's just weird just talk to them they have to accept that that can't control you at that age
Answered Dec 02, 2013

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