I've discovered my 14 yr old son has a foot tickling fetish.

Please help!! I've discovered my son who is 14 has a thing for women's feet, especially when they are in tights or nylons. Over the past 12 months or so, I have noticed him paying particular attention to my feet but only when I am wearing tights. Whenever I would walk around the house with no shoes or slippers on, he would often stare at my feet. I thought nothing of it at first but on a couple of occasions when I would sit with my feet up on the couch, he would come and sit next to me and start to gently tickle under my feet. I used to laugh it off at first but noticed him doing it at most opportunities he could get. A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting on my bed reading a book when my son came in the bedroom and sat on the end of the bed. We were talking for a couple of minutes when I felt him descreatley tickling the sole of my foot. I was about to question him but then noticed his hand was shaking and he seemed to be aroused. I immediately withdrew my feet and he eventually got up and left the room. Last week my sister babysat for me and when I came home she said how my son had sat by her feet for most of the night and how he had been quite fixated with them. He had been asking her what size feet she had and if she was ticklish or not. I was so embarrassed but didn't tell her my thoughts and just brushed it off. I could really do with some advice on this. I am a single parent and don't want to confide in my family or friends incase they think my son is weird. Any help would be much appreciated .
Asked Dec 02, 2013
Edited Dec 03, 2013
How was the issue solved?
Sit him down explain to him that he is not to do that..it's weird and not normal and he will have a very hard life if he continues with this behaviour
Answered Dec 03, 2013
It seems quite obvious your son has a foot/tickle fetish. I think it would be best to discuss this with him, rather than run the risk of the embarrassment with it happening with somebody else in the future. Teenage boys do develop fetishes and it must be difficult for him, but he must understand what is acceptable and what isn't...
Answered Dec 06, 2013
I wanted to offer a different take on this issue...

First off, I am a grown male who has had a foot / tickling fetish his whole life. Not really sure how or why it started, but it began at a very early age, much like your son. I was confronted by my dad at around age 15 when he caught me sucking on my girlfriends toes in my room. The embarrassment was unbelievable. I was mortified as was my girlfriend. My dad just apologized and left the room.

After she left, he sat me down and asked if we were planning to have sex. I said no, which I genuinely wasn't. He asked what I was doing and I confessed to sucking on her toes and tickling her feet. When he asked me why, I didn't have an answer... I just knew I enjoyed it and she seemed too enjoy it too. I was really embarrassed and afraid of what his response would be. He never once told me what I was doing was wrong, weird or abnormal, (to paraphrase an earlier response to your query); he simply told me that I was different, but that I should wait until I was older and found someone I truly loved to explore those types of things. I felt better about myself and wasn't as ashamed anymore.

Here I am, many, many years later. I have a wife and two wonderful children, live a normal suburban life and have no issues or "hardships" in my life, (to again paraphrase the earlier comment). My wife is fully aware of my "fetish" or paraphillia and accepts me for who I am!

God made me this way. I used to want to be a "normal"person, but have come to accept that I am who I am and I'm not ashamed of it anymore.

My advice to you, would be to sit and discuss it with your son semi-cassually; not in a confrontational, demeaning or degrading way... He is who he is and should be loved and embraced for that! Let him know that certain people / situations are not acceptable, but that his behavior is not any sort of abomination or "abnormality" that he should repress, mask or be ashamed of. He's a human being who has different feelings than others.

I wonder how I would have turned out as an adult had my father decided to shame me into thinking I was "weird" or "not normal" and told me I'd have a "very hard life" if I continued my behavior. My wife loves me dearly and let's me indulge in my fetish, because we love each other and she has an acceptance and understanding of who I am.

Repression of my feelings would have invariably lead me to do something to the wrong person at the wrong time in order to release my tension over hiding who I was. You can try to change a person's behavior and make them into something they are not, or you can work with them in a loving and caring manner that will allow them to be the person they are while understanding boundaries and levels of acceptance.

Talk to your son. Ask him how he feels. Listen. Accept him for the person God made him to be. Don't discourage him, shame him, degrade him or make him feel like he's abnormal... simply tell him that there are proper times, places and people that he can express himself in that way. Hopefully, when he's older and fortunate enough to find a mate that accepts him for who he is, he'll look back and thank his mom for showing love and compassion and not forcing him to become something he is not!
Answered Jul 22, 2014
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Answered Mar 26, 2017
I totally echo CP74 and I'm made the same way as he. My mother became aware of my attraction to nylon feet. When she lay down on the couch I too would sit by her feet. Never tickled them but did massage them. At first she was fine and even grateful, but later must have noticed my attraction. In a most non-confrontational way she talked to me and told me she understood. She explained boundaries and that until I was older I could not act on this with other family members or friends. She did allow me to massage her feet a couple times a week when we had one on one time in front of the TV. Thankfully I found a woman who loves having her feet massaged. She eventually found out I got aroused but cared enough to let me indulge. Your son will be fine. Just don't embarrass him. God bless the both of you.
Answered Mar 21, 2018

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