Am I depressed? 15 year old girl

I'm 15 girl and I feel like a blob. My grades have been slipping and I feel like there is no modivstion for me to being them up (even tho my parents reward me for good grades I just don't seem to care anymore) my grandpa died a month ago and it really hit me and my family hard. My friends all seem to go against me and don't invite me when they all hang out so I feel alone and with nobody by my side. I just keep thinking about when I was exsited for holidays and special events. For example Christmas is coming and I don't even care at all. Am I depressed? All I can think about is when times where happy when I was like 10 and there was nothing to stress about. I don't want to grow up I want to go back in time
Asked Dec 02, 2013
You are definitely not depress. At that age, you just lose interest in things temporarily and your friends are not going against you. They probably saw that you seem to be sad so they didn't want to bother you. Try to reach out to them. Also, reminiscing the past is normal. Sometimes when there is an obstacle, people feel like thinking about the happy moment. Try to move on, your grandpa will always be with you. :)
Answered Dec 02, 2013
Edited Dec 02, 2013
Don't be afraid and its happens in life. Just be brave and move ahead I hope you would surely come out of it.
Answered Apr 16, 2015

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