:( Which friend should I choose help PLZZ HELP URGENT! :( I really need help

So I don't think you heard of ruby sapphire I'm her sis anyways I have 2 friends friend one A friend 2 B so A she gets in trouble SO much she is REALLY into makeup (EVEN THOUGH WE'RE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL OMG) she can be annoying when I wear a hair tie she keeps pulling it off she wrote all over my note book in permanent marker ugh she accuses me of everything like she lost a pen she thought I stole it! So you know what she does she opens my locker and takes something of mine then she loses it and she says "that's what you get for stealing my pen" she tells an officer (that officer is there to make sure we stay in line) that I stole her pen the next day she says sorry I forgot I put it in my locker" we have NOTHING in common she can be so mean sometimes she passes notes to me out in the opend I got in so much trouble with her she threw soda at a teacher friend B she is so nice we have so much in common we have a fun time listening to songs when we have a project we finish ahead of everyone we both love to draw so friend A she's mean but it's like she was the first person to let me sit with them and I am really shy about asking if I can sit with them so any answer will help me thanks
Asked Dec 01, 2013
Edited Dec 08, 2013
Person B seems to be a much better freindnand is worth your time but the way you make it sound is that you wanna be popular and hanging around with person A would make you popular.
If just think that wounce you go off to university or whatever the real friends the person B's would probably stay in touch they would care about your health that kind of stuff but the person(s) A in you life would leave you they're not realy your freind it's just cool to be around you or to be around them so please choose wisely becouse after school the choses you made in grade school could change you life

I hope this helped

Answered Dec 02, 2013
Thanks and I don't want to be with A because she's popular she is but it's because she was the first person to sit next to me at lunch because I sat alone for a LONG time and I'm worried that if I ditch her shell be mean to me she know
S my locker combo! I'm just worried she beat up a girl over 1 dollar OMG I'm worried about what she'll do to me!! If I st
Ditch her shell do somthing I swear she once broke of a lock from a locker she raided that poor kids locker she took so much stuff I told the teacher anonymously and she thinks I did it so I'm just worried
Sorry about how I kept pressing enter on accidently
R u dumb. Obviously choose friend b
Answered Dec 07, 2013
I'm not dumb
It's just that friend A is popular and she gets into a LOT of fights she beat up a girl over 1 dollar she stole things from a kids locker (broke lock) and took alot of things I told the teacher and she got suspended but when she came back she getting suspicus that I did it (told teacher) so if I ditch her shell prob do somthing REALLY bad to me
She also hates friend B

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