Why is God addressed as "Our Father" in the Bible?

Why is God addressed as a male in the Bible?
Asked Nov 30, 2013
The word father is translated from the Hebrew word 'av and the Greek pa-ter'. It is used in various senses: as begetter, or progenitor, of an individual, the head of the household or ancestor (Genesis 24:40), an ancestor (John 8:53), a founder of a nation (Matthew 3:9), a founder of a class or profession (Genesis 4:20-21), a protector (Job 29:16; Psalms 68:5 ), the source of something (Job 38:28), and a term of respect (2 Kings 5:13; Acts 7:2). So God as the creator is called Father.

If you can you can look up all the scriptures for reference. If you do not have a bible you can download one for free at www.jw.org.
Answered Nov 30, 2013

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