Is it possible to block testosterone for men?

I've been thinking about "becoming" asexual, for a while now i've wanted to stop my libido. For me sexual stuff has been an annoyance, when I was younger I was never horny often and only masturbated once or twice every 3-4 weeks while my friends (guys and girls) only talk about sex related stuff and ive never really understood why... its like the only thing they live for

Note, I am male. Ignore the name
Asked Nov 28, 2013
Edited Nov 28, 2013
the only things that would do something like this would have to be prescribed by a doctor and are very expensive. I highly recommend thinking about how this would change the very essence of who you are though. testosterone is what makes men competative and gain/maintain muscle. If you truely wish to be asexual shouldnt you also do this by your own will if thats what you want as opposed to having a drug make you this way?
Answered Nov 28, 2013

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