Pregnant or something else? Help!

My serious boyfriend and I do not always use protection, he does pull out, but I'm aware that does not always prevent a pregnancy.
I have a pretty regular monthly cycle which comes about every 26 days, the last period I had started October 30th and ended November 4th, I noticed a pinkish color when I wiped after I peed on the 14th of November around 5pm, then a few very light brown spots in underwear and when I peed later that evening. I have never spotted before and my ovulation date was November 11th.
After that I didnt spot again until the first day my period was due. It was due on the 24th of November and I noticed a spot of almost a pinkish/orange watered down color in my underwear. I put a tampon in and there was just a tiny spot of light blood on it when I pulled it out later, and since then I have not bled or spotted again.
I have a VERY mild on off cramping in my lower abdominal, not the normal PMS cramping
I have also been randomly breaking down crying/very irritable lately
I took a home pregnancy test about a week ago and it was negative, but they may have been to soon to use
Asked Nov 26, 2013

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