I don' t know of a guy likes me back. helpp?

Okay so I have a HUGE crush on this guy. We're in the same grade and class. We're friends. Quite close, actually . He treats me like a child and is pretty protective of me. He also scold me severely. He had picked me up bridal style, he cupped my face, he also put his arm around my shoulders. We talk everyday but never serious stuff. He also teases me a lot well playfully , at that. He calls me cute and child-like.

We're also TOTAL opposites, he's tall , I'm short, he's one head taller than me. He's rich and popular and I'm just a normal girl. He's the strongest in our class and I'm one of the weakest. He's outgoing and loud with everyone and I'm shy with new people. He's a commercial model and I'm just...me. He tickles me a lot too , almost everyday. And since I'm VERY VERY ticklish , he uses it as a threat to me.

Oh and his older brother saved me once from drowning and the next day my crush told me that his brother thinks I'm very cute. He calls me a shorty and pretend to be my favourite TV show or movie character just to tease me. He pinches my cheeks all the time.

He's also a very flirty guy so I try my best not to feel attached towards him but I just could help it.

Helpppp??? Anyone???
Asked Nov 25, 2013
Well you have one bonus there that I wish I had with a girl I like. Friendship everything your doing is great. But you need to slowly coax him into more serious conversations instead of non serious ones. You will get to know him more and he will get to know you. If after this he is still doing all this then ask him out no matter how nervous you are. I know its hard but please you have the bonus of friendship to help dont waste it. I hope this helped have a good day
Answered Nov 25, 2013

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