Personal question. need answer fast.

Really personal, sorry. I started my period Wednesday the thirteenth and it lasted three days which is very unregulated for me, seeing as my regular cycle always lasts four to five days no longer no less. It stopped Friday night. Sunday morning when I first woke up I had a light brownish discharge when I used the bathroom and that was it for the day. The second day the same thing happened but it was light pink. Third day it was very heavy and bright red with clotting and lasted for the whole day. Fourth day there was nothing. Today it was heavy and bright red again, no clotting. I need to know if this may be an indication that I'm pregnant. I already have two children who were born within short periods of time so I know I am very fertile and do not exactly want more children so need to know whether I should buy a test or not. Please refrain from making any derogatory comments.
Asked Nov 22, 2013
If you feel like you might be pregnant then get a test done.

If you are still breastfeeding it may affect the results
Answered Jun 01, 2016

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