I don't even know anymore, help, boy problems!

Okay so as you can see in my last question I like this boy who's in all my classes but he flirts with me and stuff and I do back but then he does the same to this other girl in my classes, but today I asked him if he liked this girl and he said "only as a friend, I like someone else" and I said "who?" and he said "i don't want to say" and I asked if they were in our class and he said "no" and he still refuses to tell me, so I don't know if he likes me:( but we still talk loads and it's confusing me and I don't know who the other girl could be?Helpp
Asked Nov 22, 2013
Edited Nov 22, 2013
There COULD be a chance he likes you. Most guys don't come clean about liking you. usually I can kinda tell if a guy likes me.. like I just having this feeling when I ask them if they like someone at first they NEVER tell me. But, what I would do is gain his trust so like your the only one he can trust, unless you don't already have it, and then try and get it out of him. Say like,"I will tell you who I like, if you tell me who you like". Yeah, I know...seems childish, but that's what I did and I found out about 6 guys like me! *hope it help!:)*
Answered Nov 27, 2013
Try 2 show him a kinda neglct for some days and know what his reactions will be.
Answered Nov 27, 2013

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