Can you get pregnant having unprotected sex two days before your period?!

I had a party. I was supposed to hang out with one of my friend but he ditched me for this guy I used to like. They ended up coming to my party. I was drinking and so were they. Well the guy I like was making moves on me saying and doing all the right things. The feelings all just came back so fast didn't help that I was pretty much drunk. After everyone left we talked then went up to my room and had unprotected sex. He didn't go on me he did it on something else but I think some got on me. I went to the bathroom right after him cause that's what your supposed to do. I got my period 2 days later. Could I still be pregnant? I might wait till next week to take a test. If I am I would be so scared to tell him.. his ex said that she was pregnant with his kid so he was with her through everything and found out after the baby was like a year old it wasn't even his.
Asked Nov 20, 2013
500,000 bucks says your not your just scaring yourself
Answered Nov 20, 2013

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