So, am I missing something here? (Relationship Help)

So, my girlfriend is always telling me dumb crap that guys are saying and doing to her. Ex. Hitting on her, sending their nudes to her, and just trying to get at her practically. You know that's fine, there's going to be those kinds of creeps out there. She's not the type of person to cheat or anything. So, I'm not worried there. What really bugs me though, is she still associates with them. I'm not sure if I should tell her to stop talking to these creeps or let it continue. Also, I'm not sure if what I feel is jealousy, or just mad at my girlfriend for still talking to them because like I said, those kinds of creeps are out there.
Asked Nov 19, 2013
the best thing to do in a relationship is to communicate. But guys tend to not think too well before they try to do so and often start fights because they were not sure exactly what it was they wanted from the discussion. What I recommend is to really think about who it is that she associates with that does this. Are they a very close/childhood friend that they have known for years? Or are these people that she just hangs out with recently. If they have a history it might be too much to ask for her to stop hanging out with/ talking to them immediately. Also you should talk to the people doing it directly and let them know that you dont want them to keep sending these things to her but you dont want that to ruin any friendship between them. Or if they are just average friends that she hasnt known for a long time or has any peticular attachment to than you should let her know that it bothers you. Either way you should try letting them know not to send them any more your self in person but try not to turn it into a "or else" situation or your just going to start a fight. Good luck and I hope it works out.
Answered Nov 28, 2013
that is the best answer I can think of :)
Answered Mar 04, 2014

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