How to hide self mutilation cut marks(need to know quickly)

i've been cutting myself with a broken piece of glass(not too deep just to wear it would bleed lightly) and now I have three bloody cuts and three pink marks(that did not bleed)across my right arm how can I heal them fast and make them go away
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Anonymous User
Asked Nov 19, 2013
I hope you stop cutting soon, if you're depressed you need to talk to someone you trust about it. Cutting yourself doesn't give you any benefit in the long run, it may make you feel beter but treatments are available that will help you.
There's a website here to help heal your cuts quickly:,-Natural-Items)

I recommend that you ask for help but if you don't trust anyone then you could join web chats that will help you or chat lines e.g. childline

Answered Nov 19, 2013
if I were you I would let someone see them so it would put you in a situation that is able to generate you getting help, and I would swap out the blades and glass for ice and salt instead, its a good alternative to cutting because unless you do it for hours on end there is minimal damage virtually now pyshical signs of doing it and it hurts a bit enough to put the edge down on the urge to self harm
Answered Dec 16, 2013

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