It was the afternoon when….all of this took place and ended at night

u heard a knock at the door you got up to see who it was and it was your best friend____(their name)who looked at you and smirked"hey___(your name)i want to try something you looked hesitant"u-u-uh n-n-okay"you replied with a half smile.then they grabbed your hand and walked you to your bedroom your face turned a deep shade of red you laid down on your bed they told you they would be back (----afew moments later---)they came back with ropes and whips and chains and ball gags.your eye's widened in shock"what the fuck"you hissed then suddenly you where hit with a woke up tied down to the bed and looked to your left to see a bust teenager looking at you and your friend was smiling he/she walked up to the innocent girl making this face *8-)*"do as you wish" they said and walked off she was in a white dress with little watermelons printed on it and she had a headband with a long with ribbon attached to it curling around her thick deep brown hair she had the most beautiful blue eyes you have seen then you took a closer look at her she was hiding something behind her back"….what's that.."you said in a semi creeped out and confused look on your face then the most evilest of grins appears on her darling little face"something that I know and that you will find out"she put the tool box down it was full of small and portable knifes of all types and needles and some sort of chemical filled tubes for the needles and a box of matches and gasoline"…..what are you going to do you said with a angry yet frightened tone"you'll see" she approached you grinning holding a knife in her hand and a ball gag in the other she put the gag on you and then began to cut and stab into you tearing and skinning your flesh off as you whimper and moan and cry your pain gives her pleasure.after she was done she poured gasoline all over you and then lighted your body on fire..your friend and the girl fled the seen then was eaten by a flock of 60 stories tall evil birds…then…you woke up in a cold sweat,breathing heavily and your heart pounding in your chest you quickly got dressed then got up and walked to your friends house with a bottle of ice cold water you came into their room then poured the water on them then threw the bottle at them and said "if you get in my dreams again i'll drag your ass six feet under"and then stomped off the look of anger and confusion plastered their face the next day you saw the girl you through an ice cream at her and said the same thing she ended up kicking you in the balls and said"ever say that again I rip off your head in font of god and everyone"she said angrily stomping off
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Asked Nov 11, 2013
Answered Nov 11, 2013
this is pretty funny but fucked up lol
Answered Dec 05, 2013

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