Girlfriend's mom wants her to break up with me.

My girlfriend is 15 and I am 17 we just started going out but her mom is making her break up with me because of our age difference and I have not met her mom yet. What should I do?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Nov 10, 2013
I am afraid that my girlfriend will just say not to try and meet her mom. But to just be friends.
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Tell her that you should only break up if she wants to. I know it's hard, but if she wants to be friends, then maybe that's what's best
Bi_girl Nov 20, 2013
I personally believe that you should only ever break up because its what you want to do. Talk to the mom and be really respectful and polite, and make her see that you're right for her daughter.
Answered Nov 11, 2013

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Answered Jul 13, 2015

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