I need a normally detailed solution to this.

1) For EACH TRAIT, create a situation where a person with that trait would find themselves reacting with/using that trait and tell me HOW they would react/use the trait. For example: Little Billy just got run over by one of Santa's reindeer. What does Santa do about this if Santa is Psychopathic?
I encourage your stories/situations to be longer than mine.

2) Give me one example of a real, famous person (dead or alive) who has clearly displayed one or more of these traits.

3) Now for unrelated questions!
What causes the change of seasons on Earth?

4) If you are given two separate, complete fossils and told one is a Bivalve and one is a Brachiopod, what is the ONE characteristic that you can observe to quickly tell which fossil is which?
Asked Nov 07, 2013

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