Why do I feel like I do not belong in my family?

Me and my mum are always fighting, usually because I'm not behaving at school. I'm only 12 and I want and have tried to kill myself but chickened out at the last second. My mum says she doesn't love me, my sisters hate me (6 and 10 years old) and my dad is the only one I can talk too but he's 90 miles away working 5 days a week. When he does come home on weekends I try to talk to him and he knows how I feel but when he tries to tell my mum they fight and my mum blames it on me and slaps me across the face. I am really sad with my life because all I get at home is abuse and at school in trouble all the time. All the way through primary school I got in trouble and I promised my mum it would be different in secondary school, I've only been in secondary school for 3 months and I get in to too much trouble. I'm really sad and I want someone to talk too but I don't know who. Please reply back :'(
Asked Nov 06, 2013
you can talk to me im here for you :) chin up
Answered Nov 06, 2013
Edited Nov 06, 2013
What can I do though?
Me123 Nov 06, 2013
ignore then and know that life is worth living trust me teenage years are the best im 15 so I know
hyna Nov 06, 2013

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