How do I know if my pregnet hamster didn't eat her babies yet?

A few days ago I bought a female Syrian hamster at the pet store she is very sweet. But like 6 days after we bought her she had 5 babies. Now she moved her igloo so we can't see in and only comes out for food and water but I can't tell or check up on her to see if their okay or if she's okay. Is there any way at all I can check on the babies? Also whenever I try cleaning the cage (It smells like milk and waste) She hisses at me or comes over and tries to bit me. What do I do?
Asked Nov 04, 2013
She's just protecting her young, females never eat their offspring. Sometime you'll end up seeing a bunch of little hamster babies crawling around near the igloo (but for your hand's sake I wouldn't try to handle them until their older...). There really isn't any way to check on the hamster young until the mother takes them out of the igloo when their older. Just clean the cage as best you can without disturbing them. I think hamsters may do their own housekeeping - getting rid of waste and maybe bringing in new bedding.
Answered Nov 05, 2013
female hamsters MAY eat their offspring...i suggest leaving her alone even if its dirty (its worth it, ttrust me) for the sake of the hamster
i hav experience with mommy and baby hamsters.
Answered Jan 03, 2014

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