What do I do when my daughters dad won't leave or let us leave?

Long story. Me my daughter and her dad are living with my father. My dad won't make him leave, and I can't make him leave because it is my dads house. I don't have any friends or family to help me besides my dad. I am disabled and unable to work but do take care of my daughter and all household chores. My daughter's dad in the past rapped me and put me in a choke hold until I almost passed out. I told him if he moved out he could use my truck so he could still work and come see his daughter. I know I shouldn't but I still love him. He told me that if I tried to leave with my daughter he would use any means necessary to stop me from leaving with her. He tells me I can leave but I am not taking her. He has let her fall off the bed several times because I wake him up and tell him to watch her(she still asleep) while I go to the rest room and a short while later she has fell. I have walk in the room while he was suppose to be watching her and I find something in her mouth, choking or playing with something that could hurt her while he is on the computer playing a game. I can't just abandon my daughter especially with someone that will not take care of her or be a bad influence. I am scared and have no where to go and am not smart on how to be independent.
Asked Nov 03, 2013
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Answered Nov 05, 2013
does your dad know how you feel and does he know this abuse went on? you say your disabled ,yet you do the chores and look after your daughter. sounds to me like your already independant,so dont doubt yourself.if your in fear of the abuse happening again or your living in fear then there is a way out,there are so many womens aid support groups and other organizations out there to help victims of domestic violence.there are web sites that will give you more information and they will keep you and your daughter safe .just type in domestic vioence support and go from there.no one has to live in fear.take care and stay strong x
Answered Nov 16, 2013

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