I'm 17 years old.i'm having a crush on a girl.she's also 17 years old

I'm 17 years I love a girl she's also at my age.i want to tell her but I can't because she's not that type she only concern about education and those things.this is realy headache to me.i realy love her and I wanna tell her please help to express my ideas to her.and i'm not able to be a friend of her because i'm not having a way to contact her.please help me
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Asked Nov 03, 2013
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I have a crush on someone and I know your pain. I told my crush my feelings and it turned out ok. I guess. Nothing bad. There is nothing wrong about liking or loving someone. It is the way of life.

You should introduce yourself to her and slowly get to know her. Whenever you see her just make up a reason to talk to her then it should go with the flow.

Once you know her a bit more, you can choose a time to express your feelings.

Good Luck!
Answered Feb 14, 2014
Edited Feb 14, 2014
Just tell her how you feel. Hopefully she will be fine with it. She'll be fine as long as you don't do anything to her.
Answered Nov 03, 2013
I know it sounds difficult, but you really do just need to tell her. Start by just being her friend, get her phone number, text her for a while, and then tell her you like her
Answered Feb 17, 2014
It's okay to have a crush on someone same as your age. But you better tell her because she also might have a crush on you before its too late. That situation happened to me already and I really regret it. I should have told him that I love him. When you are ready tell your feelings for her or if you dont have the guts to do that. Make her feel special , make her feel that you lve her and I promise you that she will gradually like you. Personality is more important than looks.
Answered Sep 02, 2014
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