How to be taller fast when 16 yrs yet I look young and shorter

I just turn 16 this year but I still look the same when I was 14 TT^TT Even though I grew taller a little, IM STILL 5'1!!!! I have friends and classmates who are younger than me by a moth and year they are taller than ME!!! I was thankful enough that a half are shorter than me though younger by a year. I have a friend who is still 14 but she looks more mature and taller than me! And worst more people think I'm 14 coz Im not tall enough for a 16 yrs old... yet my face looks younger. I secretly cheat my height by wearing shoes with high soles and heels when at school. I put something in my regular shoes when i'm with friends ( I feel bad ) need help....
Asked Nov 03, 2013

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