I hate my life

Bascilly my life is a living hell, it all started in June. I got put in a higher design and performing arts set (Art technology drama etc) And I was really enjoying it until the person sitting next to me in Art said "Are you gay?" (No I am not) NOW when people ask me horrible questions like that or offend me, I get really worked up about it, and the only person who knows is me. The girl behind her heard the person who asked me and giggled to her friend, I looked at the floor "No, I am not" Now every Tuesday they usually say it to me and its the same old question again, and I keep replying no no and NO! It is hard to stop tears I feel like dying. Then these 2 boys are always being mean to me by tripping me up and embarrassing I would tell my mother but she wont help and I don't wanna tell a adult, its just hard when your me, I have a problem where when something gets to you you just cry or face depression, but I do have to admit. The girl sitting next to me in Art is nicer than the girl behind her. I just don't know what to do with my life. By the way I do want to say a come back like mind your own business (but better)
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Asked Oct 30, 2013
Edited Oct 30, 2013
You should talk to a teacher/parent about your problem. That's the only way it will ever get solved.
Answered Oct 30, 2013
tell an adult anyways the can probaly help you more than you think or you could just ignore them and if neither works just threaten them or beat them up( I dont recomend this but it is ur decision)
Answered Oct 30, 2013
a good comback is to flip the quistion back to them.
u said they ask u if your gay, then be all like, "you trying to hide up that you are?!?!" or "what, are you gay?!?!" or even be unexpected, "yeah im gay....... on you, terms for you are called, a lesbian. oh and p.s., I have a girl all ready." then walk away after every thing you say. and if you do say you have a girlfried(but really dont) make up a name then a age younger then you. example: sarah age 14?
but im a girl and I get bullied like this every day. so those are some comebacks I use. oh, and a nother one is to kinda yell after they ask u if yeah, shout,"oh, quiet! we all know you like me, (name)" I like this one. >:P so,i hoped that helped!

~shinc the hedgehog~
Answered Dec 18, 2013

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