Please read questions about my friend's mental health and back stories

what would be the type of trauma that if someone saw their parents divorced at 4 (female) 7(male) 10(female)*i've lived with them my whole life(it's my house!)

the eldest one is spoiled by the two younger one's father(the eldest is a half sibling) even though mom is gone she still loves the elder one more

the older two constantly fight and bully the youngest(doesn't help much case she is bullied at school do to having A.D.H.D and short term memory she is in special ed so everyone calls her retarded and ugly now her physical appearance is getting more attractive *she is still insecure* she also took pretty bad damage to the brain she almost suffocated to death at only four months of age reasons where unknown possibilities were the mom tried to kill her*mom was a schizophrenic and was put into four different mental hospitals*and the other was she was sleeping on her stomach and her face was covered up )

elder one was only made fun of bye her appearance only for 2 years cause of her eyebrows(then she plucked them then suddenly all of the guys at the school wanted to fuck her)she had a bad temper and used to bully the youngest(hit her,make fun,call her ugly,pull her hair,tell her that her parents only loved her (elder sister) and the middle child and not her ,told her she had no friends and made fun of her for also being a schizophrenic*she thought she saw demons and that they tried to possess her*

everyone likes the middle one cause he's good looking and athletic*so was the older one the youngest did not have much self esteem do to bullies*he also bullied her called her ugly told her nobody liked her and said that he could have people attack her*

all three have a temper the older two think they can beat the youngest up if she were to snap(HAHAHA NO) she's murderous and sadistic she can put on a mask and pretend to be nice but generally she hates people i'm her only friend she tells me everything

so who do you think had the worst of it the dad said the elder sister cause she did(no she was popular and a bitch the youngest one use to be kind and friendly *not anymore* he also thinks that the youngest never gave anyone a chance to be her friend*which is bull shit she tried numerous times to get them to be her friends but it did not happen it only made matters worse for her*

also the youngest one tried to cheer up the older sister when these two things happened(when their aunt died*she said it's okay she's in a better place(he yelled at her and said she had no clue what she as talking bout and told her to shut up and spanked her* and when she had been broken up with(for the tenth time)she said that it will be okay she didn't need him anyways she could find better*her dad yelled at her again and said she needed too keep her mouth shut*

when she was only seven she was not spoiled but her sister was*and still is even though she's married*to the guy that kept breaking up with her*he told her to shut her mouth stop whining and it was her sisters*a toy*and that her little heart desire's is over*again she got less of the attention(he did say he loved her but not as much as he did the older one*he said he loved the older one 6 times a day and the younger two only once*

when she went through a suicide phase*her dad thought it was for attention i'm glad I talked her out of it she was actually going to do it*he just brushed it off *it did scare him a little*but when her sister almost separated from her husband*she caused it by cheating*she was crying all the time cause of her husband giving her the"cold shoulder" he told her to be with her and keep her company and cheer her up and not leave her side*she did as she asked so she could play with the baby and so she could indulge herself in her sisters sorrow and take pleasure in her misfortune*i think it's messed up but…i don't blame her*

now the youngest of the trio seems quiet and cold and aloof in public she can fake it and act nice and kind but I know her well enough that she hates people and could care less i'm her only friend*and I still own their house as well as I still live there to*she has people she can talk to but she does not trust or completely like them

whats wrong with her?*and yes she has had plans to kill people but I can't get her therapy*her dad says she does not need it*
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Asked Oct 30, 2013
is this the same person cuz if it is ur killing me
Answered Oct 30, 2013

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