Three chief factors lead to prostatitis and one treatment

There are some certain reasons for the occurrence of prostatitis . In addition to the nature constitution, more also are caused by some acquired reasons.Especially for prostatitis. In fact , rather than to pay attention to the treatment of prostatitis after you get it, it is better to pay attentin to your daily behavior to prevent prostatitis. Then, what are the factors which may lead to prostatitis?
The first reason is excessive alcohol. This is the most common cause. When the male drinking, the blood capillary of part of his body will congest. Then, it let many tissue of the his body swell, and prostate tissue is very sensitive for this, particularly for drinking men, often after drinking, there increased libido and erectile phenomenon. For this reason, some men mistakenly thought that the wine can increase sexual function. In fact, this is wrong . It is the wine which causes the prostate edema, this is a very unnormal phenomenon. If you do this for a long time, it may cause prostatitis, so this reason must be payed attention.
The second reason is long-term sedentary. Long-term sitting lead to the poor blood circulation of the prostate tissue. Of course, this kind of crowd are relevant to their work . So you have to notice and adjust it, after work ,you must pay attention to the activities of the legs.
The final reason is that you like eat spicy food. Because the food stimulation may make the tissues of the body congestive, and ultimately affect the metabolism of the body
The complication of some patients with prostatitis is caused by the constipation. The prostate is adjacent to the rectum,when a man has constipation ,the rectal become larger,and naturally squeeze prostate, so that the overall circulation of the prostate blocked. As a result,it may increase the incidence of the prostatitis.
About the question that how to treat prostatitis, most drugs tend to speed up the body's metabolism, even it let the waste in the prostate discharge timely, the patient should also reduce the chance of eating excitant food
About the method of treatment for prostatitis, some doctor of traditional Chinese medicine believe that the causes are drinking, chili excessive, endogenous heat ,under heat, blood circulation disorders; or sedentary, blood circulation disorder caused by prolonged standing and the bad blood circulation. The patented medicine of Li Xiaoping Chinese medicine clinic, Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill ,has the fountion of treating obstruction of heat and dampness in pelvic cavity, and match up with it’s fountion of blood-activating and stasis-dissolving it can promote the prostate blood circulation , prostatitis may recover in 3 months.
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