What do you think of a guy that likes the smell of girls feet!

Hello, I've always had a thing for girls feet since I was young, and I love the way some girls feet smell! I especially like it when they've been in flats or tennies all day with no socks! Some of them smell like malt vinegar with an underlying sweetness, like canned peaches or something. LOL! I've always liked vinegary things, so maybe that's why I like it? They don't smell like a guys feet do, at least not the ones I've had.

It's not just their smell, but I'm attracted to their pretty sexy feet altogether even if they don't smell very much. Girls, do you think this is weird or does it gross you out? Would you let your guy smell and rub and play with your feet sometimes?
Asked Oct 26, 2013
Foot fetish. It's not anything to hate about yourself, many people have fetishes. Just enjoy the excitement you get.
Answered Oct 26, 2013
Hey thanks, but I don't think of it really as a fetish though, which is more like an attraction to an object like a shoe or panties. I just like enjoying my girls body, all of it, from head to toe!
because they have an foot fetish
Answered May 19, 2017

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