What is social media?

Asked Oct 25, 2013
Answered Oct 25, 2013
Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks. The resulting electronic word of mouth refers to any statement consumers share via the Internet (e.g., web sites, social networks, instant messages, news feeds) about an event, product, service, brand or company.

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Answered Aug 27, 2014
Social media is an online communication platform where you can see news, updates, posts, comments, connect with friends, communities and people communicate through various Medias in various ways. It is becoming the integral part of the online social channels and help brand to exposure in reaching the customers. YouTube, forums and question and answers sites are also considered as social media.
Every platform in social media works differently and need to have knowledge on each to gain business opportunities. You can make use of social media to educate about information or about future product/services.
Answered Apr 12, 2016
Social media is a most convenient way to get in touch with your family, friends and business people.
Answered Apr 14, 2016
Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.
Answered Jul 01, 2016
Through social media, anyone with internet access can interact with millions of people online. You can create social media account to get accessed with more and more people so as to promote the brand and generating brand awareness among clients. You can also buy the social media account from various sites. Personally, I have purchased social media account from https://avatarbazaar.com/ which has been amazing for me making my revenues go up.
Answered Jul 23, 2016
Social media is termed as social signal. There are lots of social sites like facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, linkedin etc. Now a days social media is becoming the most powerful platform where people share very important news to the world. Know more: https://www.happyheapmarketing.com/social-media-marketing-services-company.php.
Answered Nov 12, 2016
Social media is the best free way to market your business. Social media became one of strong path to communicate with near and dear ones. There are various kind of social networking sites like: Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, whatsapp and many more. Social media helps to viral any updates also promote the business (seasaltmarketing.com.au) .
Answered Nov 14, 2016
Social networking service - A social networking service (also social networking site, SNS or social media) is an online platform that is used by people to build social networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections.
Answered Apr 20, 2017
Narrative strives to understand your business and create content that delivers engagement among your current and prospective clients.
Answered Apr 20, 2017
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Answered Jun 13, 2017
Social Media is the best platform to connecting with millions of people or to spread the information. There are many popular social media sites such as “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “Twitter”, “Google+” etc. Also through social media sites, it is very easy to increase your brand value. You can easily reach to millions of people in few seconds. Many businessmen use social media marketing techniques to increase their business productivity. So, many companies hire the candidates for Media Jobs.
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Answered Sep 19, 2017
Web-based social networking is a social stage which truly helps for marking and advancement of any item or administration.

Answered Dec 28, 2017
Social media is collection of social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, pinterest etc.

Promotion of your website and their products and services using such social networking sites is called social media optimization SMO.

Now a days, SMO is very good source of targeted traffic to your site which ultimately increase conversion, sales etc offered through your website.

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Answered Jan 30, 2018
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Answered Mar 17, 2018
Social media is a process of gaining the traffic for the website.
Answered Aug 06, 2018
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Answered Oct 06, 2018
Social media is a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas and information and the building of virtual networks and communities. In other words, we can say that Social media marketing is something you cannot ignore and no matter what your doing, if you a local marketer, product owner, local business, affiliate marketer, or any other type of marketer - social media marketing can be a huge addition to marketing channels if used correctly. Click here if you are interested to know more about social media marketing: https://www.altastreet.com/how-social-media-engagement-is-important-for-your-business-growth/
Answered Sep 27, 2019
Social media is a phrase that we throw around a lot these days, often to describe what we post on sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. So you can infer that social media are web-based sites that allow people to interact with each other.
Answered Oct 05, 2019
Social media is the term used for websites and apps that are created to be used as a platform to share personal content by users or to communicate with other people. It can be used personally and/or for business reasons. Nowadays, companies also put visibility on these sites for marketing because of the number of people who use it, it will be easier to reach target customers.

Some of the more popular social media sites are:

1. Facebook
a free social networking website that can keep you connected with friends and loved ones through its messaging features. It also allows profile creation for photo and video sharing.

2. Twitter
Although uploading a limited number of photos and videos is allowed, twitter is a site which is popular because of its free microblogging feature, called tweets, that allows users to share their thoughts in a limited number of characters.

3. Instagram
Popular among the younger generation, Instagram is famous for its stunning photos and creative videos which is very attractive to visual people. Its entertaining platform is the winning point for IG.

4. LinkedIn
is a social networking site designed specially for the business community. Its formal and professional platform allows businesses to showcase their company in a more serious manner.
Answered Oct 31, 2019

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