Roller coasters.

Okay so next week me and my family are suppose to be going to universal studios and it's going to be the day after Halloween so it's going to be yanno spooky and such. I'm not worried about that it's just I'm worries about roller coasters. My sisters tend to pick on me and my brother because were too scared to ride them. It's not because I'm scared it's just when you're on it and you go down those steep drops I get this feeling in my chest that I hate. Idk. I have to sit there and close my eyes and not move every drop. I hate it. I wanna enjoy the rides but it's those drops. How can I prevent it?
Asked Oct 22, 2013
I get that feeling to!Lots of pepole get that feeling . I know it dose not feel good.Anyways have you been there before.If you haven`t see if any of the rolercosters dont have steep and or, tall then go on it and see how you feel
Answered Oct 22, 2013
You don't have to worry it is common feeling and a lot of people goes through it.
Answered Feb 14, 2019

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