I want to kill people idk why help me answer me*with back story*

yes my childhood was pretty shitty*no physical abuse just abandonment from mother,father mentally tormenting me*calling me a liar and only caring about my elder half sister(not his daughter) elder siblings tortured me my whole life*scared me,hit me*kicked me ,punched me slapped me*,called me names*like ugly and fat(i'm self conscious)*told me that nobody liked me also bullied me along with people in my school*the bullying went on till 2013 when that point hit everyone ignored me as if I didnt exist*of last year now its a new school year and a different school
i usually was kind and polite and friendly but nobody liked me I did have a temper but never showed it unless someone said something mean

now i'm at a new school I feel like killing everybody I come in contact with even though I got "friends" now*bullshit between them is already up*

i do believe in god but he aint doing anything to stop my way of thinking my mind is warped my bff use to think she was the same but she is bullshit she hates people*she said she didn't mean it* for no reason even though she said she wants to have friends and is lonely I want to cut her head off and mount it on my wall.i think she wants to be like me god it pisses me off

and as for my cock gnawing whore sister and wannabe gangster brother

i like him better than her she was treated like a godess to EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY and she is a mom now and married but she whored and was caught and he is still with her but is now paranoid. and after all the hair pulling throwing stuff at me name calling shoving and public disgrace she did to me *she bullied me not the normal sibling shit and if u say it is ur stupid she said NOBODY LIKED ME AND I WAS FAT AND UGLY AND SAID I AINT GOING TO HAVE KIDS*

honestly I dont hate people but I wanna kill people it does not make sense but if u think about it there are good people but I just want to idk why
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Asked Oct 22, 2013
Edited Oct 23, 2013
get some therapy or something find a way to calm yourself down.
i dont know depending on your situation wether or not you can do this but start again leave were you live go to a different country if you have to find new friends settle down and rebuild your life without all the evil people and then you can have kids if you want to because you will find a guy who loves you and slowly you can move on because you still have a chance at life.
I dont know how old you are so obvs dont do this if your under like 18 or watever. I really wish u good luck and even if you have trouble believing in god just remember that mother nature made a man for every girl xx they are watching over u
Answered Oct 23, 2013
are you female and black?
kill them all
Answered Jun 22, 2014

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