What can hirer do if he noticed that the dealer had lied tom him

faiz went to Family Enterprise to purchase some electrical appliances, which were on sale. Faiz became interested in a 38 inch National television set that was priced at RM 6000. The salesman told Faiz that the original price was RM 8000 and urged Faiz to enter a hire purchase agreement as the company was giving a low interest rate. faiz requested an extra day to think about it but the salesman told her that the promotion ended that day. Not wanting to pay an extra RM 2000, Faiz signed the hire purchase agreement given to her. He noticed that the agreement was partially blank and enquired about it. The salesman told her not to worry, as it was a standard form used by the company. A few days later, Faiz found that the promotion actually lasted for another week and that the interest charged under the hire purchase was 9% and not 6% as the salesman had informed her. what can we advise faiz of his rights and liabilities under the hire-purchase act 1967
Asked Oct 19, 2013

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