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8- the nurse manager has developed a new protocol for peer evaluations. The nurses on the unit are anxious about using the instrument. If the nurse manager continues to implement the new protocol, which critical thinking attitude is being portrayed?

a) accountability
b) independent thinking
c) risk taking
d) humility

9) The nurse is aware of HCAP's (hospital consumer of assessment of healthcare providers and systems) when discharging an adult patient from the hospital. Which action demonstrates that the nurse is aware of the survey guidelines? the nurse:

a) Shows the HCAHP survey or cover letter to the patient prior to survey administration
b) indicates that the hospital's goal is to receive a certain score in order to receive funding
c) Notifies the patient while in the hospital that they may receive a survey when they return home.
d) asks the patient for a certain score and tells the patient I will send you a reminder that the survey will be arriving soon.

10- Theories are defined as..

a) statements that describe or connect concepts
b) Mental formulations of objects or events.
c) aspects of reality that can be consciously sensed
d) concepts or propositions that project a systemic view of phenomena
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