Please answer i'm sure im right but other peoples oppinion are appriciated

(which one of us is a sadist)
her:i likes explosisons and hanging
upside down blood dont bother me
i talks to myself and smile my threats were"ehehehe hehehe hehehe hey you im going to cum on your butthole than turn it inside out and if you dont trad me that thing on your neck for a face now fork it over or face the spoon*full threat finaly remembered it and that was it what she said*and she loves snuggeling and says"ur so cute and lil"
my brother says I am more sadistic than she is am

her:ishe hate being toutched love fire love blood laugh at others pain and laughed at a car wreck today my threats are:"im gonna skin you alive use it to strangel you and rip your intestines out and then use them for streamers she randomly burst out she loves the sound of people screaming and thinks about murder

i think shes afraid of me cause I am so sadistic so is my bro his threat is:i will throw u off a bilding then make u land on a tube full of sea urchens and then through a weight so u die mahahaha

i think I am she is a dumb thats not sadistic going ehehehehe and making a crooked smile is oh and she is mad at me and says im bs but my brother and a test say I am I dont want to kill anyone though
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Asked Oct 17, 2013
Edited Oct 17, 2013
For one let me just say speech lvl 99, and second I really have no idea what to say because of so many confusing sentences.
Answered Oct 18, 2013
So Anyway What Happened Was I Was At My bff's House And Her Brother Was Being Dick-Head So We mentioned My Bff's Old Self(Not Old Self Like Anything Demon Related Just She Used To Be Snobby And Bratty) And One Of Her Old "Sadistic" Thing's Were "How About You Trade That Thing On Your Neck For A Face" I Then And There Hit The Brank Of Pure Insanity I Spilled Out With REAL Sadistic Shit Then When I Told Her Brother The Story He Laughed When I Left
He Told My Bff That She Was More Sadistic Just Because She Is Vioelent(NOT SADISTIC) She Even Told Him She Wasent And He Said That She Was Just Because She Drew A Picture Of An Anime Character That Was Holding A Knife (Not That Big A Deal Really!)And She Alway's Hit's Him(Again Normal Brother Sister Relitonship) He Even Said Her Boob's Were About The Same Size(He Didnt Say Bigger)He Said Her Eye's Were Bigger Than Mine And Ive Been Toild My Eyes Are Acually Quite Big And Round Almand Type Her's Are Small And Slanted.And It Is Pissing Me Off Im At The Brink Of Killing My Self DO SOMTHING!!!
Answered Dec 11, 2013

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