Is it reasonable to be a stay at home wife with no kids?

We just got married three months ago, and I just graduated from the university in May. At first, my husband told me not to get a job just yet since we will be busy with the wedding and the reception that includes flying out of town. Now that everything is settled, he still doesn't want me to get a job! His reason is that his income is more than enough for the both of us and that he just wants me to take care of the house that we are renting at the moment, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a fish. But, I never thought of not working, I graduated so that I can find a dream job.
Asked Oct 17, 2013
Do what's best for you. If you wish to work, then you should. You shouldn't let him choose how you live your life. Besides, your house and animals will be fine. Just speak with him, make sure you make your points clear.
Answered Oct 17, 2013
As the matter of fact, I already had a talk with him. But he still stand firm that he doesn't want me to work because we are living in such a small town (Starkville, Mississippi) where there aren't any jobs suitable for my field (Marketing). We are hoping to move back to Seattle as soon as next year so he said there is no point for me to get a job here at the moment. The problem is, he wants to start a family as soon as we move to Seattle, which means I will be popping baby, hence, no opportunity for me to work and find out how the real career world like?
muaylex Oct 18, 2013

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